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Desoxypipradrol (2-DPMP) is long-lived, potent stimulant which was released in the wake of the UK cathinone ban as a possible substitute for the banned substances. It quickly grew a fearsome reputation as an incredibly long lived stimulant with little to no euphoria and not much recreational potential at all. It also emerged as the ingredient in “Ivory Wave” which caused a number of psychotic hospitalisations, presumably as a result of people chasing the euphoria.


Unsurprisingly it quickly fell to the sidelines, although it was not forgotten, with the UK government banning import in December 2011. It was finally scheduled as a class B drug in May 2012.

The effects are very subtle at any dose worth trying, and useful but horribly drawn out at doses above this. In my opinion it has no recreational value. Interestingly for a DRI I did not notice a comedown.

Dose: 4mg orally

Duration: 16-72 hours

Description: A potent functional stimulant with a gruelling duration and long come-up.

My Experiences

Due to the low dose I made up a volumetric solution into 5 mg blotters and ate one. I experienced nothing the entire day and slept fine.

The next day I figured that I would still have some of yesterday’s dose and if I had the same again they would stack to a threshold dose. I dosed early again and felt nothing until about 10pm. I noticed I had some jaw tension which built over the following hours. I was not tired and did not bother trying to sleep for 2 hours past my normal time. I tried in vain until about 4am, when I dosed enough GBL to knock myself out until 8am. That day my focus was excellent, but my heart rate was up 20 BPM and I could feel it beating when I was sat quietly.

I was quite tired the next night, but still needed GBL to get any sleep. This portion was slightly fun, but that was no fault of the DPMP.

My heart rate was still high on this, the fourth day after dose 1, but my focus was normal. By the time night came I was able to sleep naturally and my BPM was normal again.

I tried 2-DPMP a few more times, but never once found it to be useful without also disrupting my sleep. Even when vaporised it cause problems. I do not think I would bother with it again. The come-up and duration are too long and it is too unpredictable.




Mebroqualone (MBQ) is another attempt to capture the popularity of methaqualone with an unscheduled analogue. It seems very rare, with no available reports but some mention of prior appearances on the grey market. As with its relatives, it is likely that MBQ is a GABA agonist and appears to be fairly potent, similar to methylmethaqualone (MMQ). This is strange given the “normal” potency of mecloqualone in the 100mg range.

Mebroqualone structure


The effects seem similar to those that methaqualone is reputed for, a pleasant disorientation and depressant effect, going a little further than the simple anxiolytic and sedative effects of benzodiazepines. This makes it a little more fun, and coupled with the short duration this could make it quite suitable for a party setting if it is similarly active orally.

Dose: 15-20mg sublingually

Duration: 60 minutes

Description: A potent yet short-lived quaalude. The depressant effects are quite pleasant, making the short duration a shame.

My Experiences

Being initially quite unsure of the dosage, I worked up very slowly with this. It emerged that it was active in the same range as MMQ, but perhaps with a slightly shorter duration. Given that MMQ doesn’t last very long as is, this is far from ideal but it seems to be quite pleasant anyway.

It is a fine white powder which is highly insoluble in water and 50:50 isopropanol water. Like MMQ it is not bitter at all, and seems to be less sour too. By comparison, etaqualone is slightly bitter, but still nothing compared to phenethylamines, for example.

When vaporised I found there was a faint taste of chlorine. I’m not exactly sure what caused this but it is not something I noticed before, but it put me off instantly.

The threshold effects are very minor at about 5mg, but are noticeable. Sublingual should not be ideal with this, as the solubility is low, but it does seem to work. Holding 10mg for as long as possible, I noticed effects within a few minutes, a pleasant disorientation. After 15 minutes effects did not seem to be intensifying, remaining at a subtle but pleasant level. After 45 minutes the effects were clearly waning and I went for another 15mg sublingually. Again, the effects came on again quickly and began to fade after 25 minutes.

At this point I climbed into bed and quickly fell into a pleasant sleep.

Overall a lovely compound, but realistically too short-lived to gain much popularity.