LSD is a classic and well known psychedelic drug known to be well tolerated physiologically by almost all users. Until recently very few analogues existed due to the relative difficulty of synthesising the lysergic acid backbone but in recent years constant scheduling of lower-hanging fruit has forced innovation in the novel psychoactive substance industry and a number of lysergamides have emerged as a result.

1-Acetyl-LSD (ALD-52) is somewhat notorious for its sale as “Orange Sunshine Acid” in California in the 1960s but has remained mysterious due to the theory that it might degrade to LSD combined with the slightly increased synthetic complexity putting off would-be chemists.

Despite being used to convict the manufacturers, the scientific principle behind this theory is incredibly unstable, with the acetyl group being used in laboratories around the world as a protecting group for indoles like LSD. Once attached, the group is resistant to removal except in extremely acidic or basic pH.

As a result of this rarity ALD-52 has never been confirmed as being sold and its activity has remained shrouded in mystery in recent times, with most assuming it to act as a pro-drug for LSD.

Despite this uncertainty and lack of sales the propionyl homologue has recently appeared on the market. This compound has not been reported on in any literature and is entirely unknown but given its similarity to LSD and ALD-52 the SAR reliably suggests an extremely similar effect profile.



Qualitative discussion:

Despite the prevailing theory about 1P-LSD, it appears not to be an LSD pro-drug. It has both a shorter duration and an extremely close potency, two things which are rarely associated with a pro-drug, especially in combination.

The dose appeared to come on slightly slower than that of LSD but quickly built to full intensity following this. The subjective effects were very similar to those of LSD, perhaps with a slightly more disorientating come-up. The differences become evident around the five hour mark, where a distinct lessening of effects is evident. From here there is a gentle descent to sobriety over approximately 3-4 hours, giving a total duration of approximately 8-10 hours.

Pleasingly there appears to be little incidence of “body load”, unlike that seen with LSZ, whose duration is comparable. Despite the strong experience I had with this compound I found it easy to cope, more so than I would expect from LSZ. This makes it a preferable alternative for situations where introspection or spiritual experiences might not be appropriate.

According to Reagent Tests UK 1P-LSD gives a light purple reaction to the ehrlich reagent.

Dosage: 90-190ug orally (swallowed)

Duration: 8-10 hours

Description: A potent psychedelic which is difficult to distinguish from its popular analogue.


Setting – close friend’s house with 3 friends for NYE party. Friends are vaporising DOC and plan to roll later in the evening.
Set – I recently ended a long term relationship and it is playing on my mind
Tolerance to this class of substances: 0/10 I have not tripped in several months.

1740: 166ug briefly chewed and swallowed on an empty stomach.

1800: I feel like something could be happening already
1810: Two housemates who do not use drugs come in before leaving and I’m able to make conversation pretty easily, though there is a lot of paraphernalia on the table and I am pleased to occupy myself with the mixing deck.
1820: The housemates leave and my friends comment that it was awkward as I believed.
1840: while trying to mix tracks I realise I am increasingly high
1850: I worry this might be too much! I take a break from DJing as I am not able to properly operate the system

1918: the level is actually really good as the comeup appears to be smoothing out
1923: Trembling quite a bit from a rocketship comeup. I am struggling to advise my friends on their taking of DOC
1934: Some gas/stomach discomfort – I am a little concerned that I may vomit
1941: I check my phone and put it in flight mode, realising I am way too high to effectively communicate with the outside world, even my closest friends who were not able to attend.
1946: I eat some porridge and a banana which settles my stomach, surprisingly
1950: I lay on the sofa for a bit enjoying my friend’s DJing and the visuals but am aware that this is higher than I wanted to be in this situation

2003: solid +++ now, strong visuals
2015: My friends try to get me to weigh their MDMA replacement for them and advise them on how much to take but my short term memory is terrible and I am really pretty useless, but somehow manage to get sensible doses into them.
2030: I decide the decks are a pleasant and familiar distraction and return to them.
2057: I am tripping very hard now but managing to make acceptable noises from the decks – though mostly just mixing tracks end to end.

2128: My friends’ roll mix is kicking in now but I’m not very good at making conversation

2233: Still a solid +++ and still playing on the decks

2300: certainly less high now than i was earlier

0023: MUCH more competent now, mixing is enjoyable again

0100: The two housemates return and one is a little boisterous. We manage to make conversation and keep them entertained before they retire to bed. I am pleased with my ability to cope but I am still distracting myself with the decks.
0147: Obviously on the way down now

0223: Very uncomfortable gas. very manageable level of tripping though.

0300: I am really hungry so I eat a family bag of crisps, a banana and quite a few peanuts.
0314: 15mg ketamine
0330: My gas has mostly passed, thank goodness

0430: I stop mixing and we put on some mixed sets from youtube
0449: Pretty much down now, I think it is only the ketamine that is noticeable.

0500: 5mg MXE

0620: After a little deliberation I take 0.5mg etizolam and go to bed. I fall asleep very rapidly and wake up at 1300 feeling fairly tired.


Though the dose was too high for me in this setting I would repeat it in a heartbeat if I was alone and am keen to take a smaller dose with friends in the future. I would certainly stagger my doses over 15 minutes next time.
I think this will be a big seller as it has a very pleasant effects profile, is quite gentle and has minimal side effects/physical effects.

I expect this to rapidly gain popularity and be subsequently banned, a great shame considering the likely safety profile of this compared to other novel substances which have emerged in the last 5 years.


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  1. Having tried both AL-LAD and 1P-LSD in recent weeks, I’d like to post some observations, but first, some personal background.

    I first used LSD in 1973 and last consumed it in 1990.

    In between, I experimented with mescaline (both pharmaceutical and bootleg), many, many mushrooms and extremely small doses of DMT and Bufotenine.

    Since the 1990s, I’ve had MDMA/MDA on a few occasions (no more than 10), once bought fresh mushrooms from a head shop when they were still legal in the UK and consumed 15gm of Psilocybe tampanensis the last time I was in Amsterdam.

    So, all in all, I’d say I’m pretty experienced in this field.

    I heard about these novel lysergamides quite late in the day and was determined to try AL-LAD before the ban came in. Absolutely loved it – a warm, spaced-out feel with no psychological edge whatsoever. I understand that some people found the experience somewhat shallow or ‘ersatz’, but it was perfect for me. Using low doses (50-150 microgrammes) I could do any of my day-to-day tasks while feeling nicely high. Severe tolerance levels, though, so that a full blotter never came close to the visuals seen on that first half tab.

    1P, however, is somewhat different. Only tried it once (yesterday) and it took two hours to come (much, much too long – I’ve got a life to live!) Still nice though – again a very low dose (approx 60 mics) but even with this level, a psychological edge was definitely more apparent. Visuals appeared randomly and quite beautifully, but I wasn’t prepared to explore them fully as I had a child to look after in the house.

    Bottom line is I’m not so keen to try this one again, but who’s to say?

    And for all those kids taking 300/400 mics in a bid to achieve ‘ego loss’ – good luck with that one!

    Happy trails…

    • Looking for a drug with less “psychological edge” warm, happy and gently spaced out?

      Won’t you take a Diazepam… grampa

      • not everyone’s idea of a good time is performing a lobotomy with a heavy head trip. its actually usually more like that for n00bz — that or morons who believe in crystals and think the experiences are actually something to do with spirits, or that there is such a thing. heads who have already been there more often than not just want the pleasing aspects from their trips. they have already figured themselves out.

  2. Reblogged this on Edgar Swamp and commented:
    Very interesting report on what could be a very useful compound…for those inclined, of course.

  3. wherein the world do you find the source of the compounds?

  4. Just a quick update – a year after investigating 1P-LSD, I’ve finally got round to checking out the 1P-ETH LAD (again, in very small doses). Very clean, very nice, extremely mild… no visuals whatsoever, but a enervated, tactile glow with heightened senses. Sleep came easy and a microdose the following morning quick-started the day in sprightly fashion. In terms of psychedelics, I’d put this somewhere midway the ersatz (but still spacey) sensations of AL-LAD and the undoubtedly LSD-like 1P.

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