About Me

Welcome to the Novel Psychoactive Substances blog.

As you might be able to guess from the name I intend to focus this blog on newer psychoactive substances or those for which there isn’t much information. It’s not intended to be a one-stop shop but I hope to at least provide an insight into compounds Erowid hasn’t been able to cover and Wikipedia can’t cover because of a lack peer-reviewed research.

To ensure that the data I present here can be applied loosely to others, it would be wise for me to provide some information about myself.

Male. Approximately 1.9m tall weighing 70kg. I eat a generally good, low sugar diet and cycle regularly.

I have a background in science and as a result tend to use a fair bit of shorthand. You can check out the glossary if you’re not sure about an abbreviation.

I have a fair bit of experience with a variety of drugs from different classes. My favourite classes are psychedelics and dissociatives, but I still find time for everything else.

Some characteristics which might shed light on some reports.

  • I suffer minimal nausea from most drugs.
  • I am generally very happy and am in good health across the board.
  • My pupils don’t tend to dilate a whole lot from most things. I can still recognise when they are dilated but I never get saucer-pupils.
  • I don’t particularly like the effects of alcohol. It makes me nauseous, clouds my thoughts, causes amnesia etc. I do love an occasional pint though.
  • I don’t really like cannabis either. It puts me off the ball for a couple of days afterwards and generally doesn’t agree with me.
  • I tend to use most drugs very moderately where possible and am keen on informed drug use.
  • I react really quite badly to the crash after using DRIs. Phenidates are the worst and I tend to avoid them!
  1. I really enjoyed reading your reports – they are very down to earth and non-pretentious, which is refreshing since I’ve seen many people dabbling in novel psychoactives, particularly psychedelics, come across as snide and egotistical, hungrily seeking novel experiences to outshine their peers. I also like how your background in science informs your posts, which is educational for someone fairly lacking in such knowledge myself.

    I would love to see you post a report on your experience with methoxetamine. I have very extensive experience with this chemical but I like to see how others who are experienced with psychoactives characterize it, as the effects and optimal dosage seem to vary so wildly from individual to individual. I found your comparison of 3-MeO-PCP and MXE interesting and consistent with my experience so far, although I’m still just scratching the surface with this intriguing phencyclidine analog.

    Cheers sir! Hope you keep writing

  2. Cheers indeed! Please keep writing. Valuable information; commendable, wish there was more detail.

  3. Great source of information. Would love to hear some reports on 4F-PVP and 4-MPD.

  4. So you posted about LSZ and also covered briefly on AL-LAD…in what way can you be even remotely certain that this is what it is claimed to be? I know my chemistry and based on every published paper that exists there’s no way that these are what they are advertised as. AL-LAD is approx. 2.01 times more potent than LSD and its synthesis produces considerably less of a technically licit compound, until it’s sold and becomes illicit. 325 mg of LSD converts to at most 20 mg AL-LAD.
    150 micrograms of LSZ or AL-LAD should not be weak as all the reports are stating. Also both LSZ or AL-LAD are indole alkaloids like LSD, so using a enlrich reagent test kit should give a purple reading…but as the vendors have been stating “it will have no reaction”. It matters not what the gc/ms says…these can be faked or incorrect, especially with nothing to compare it too.

    • Sure, the GC/MS and NMR could be faked. Just because a drug is more potent in in-vitro receptor probes does not mean it will definitely behave in the same way in vitro. If nothing else there is pharmacodynamics to be considered too. I am as confident as I possibly can be that both these compounds are genuine without having tested them myself, but I am not willing to reveal why I have such a high confidence.

      If nothing else then the report I have written can be taken as a report on whatever is being consistently sold as LSZ recently.

  5. I just want to advise you of something amigo, if you are buying these compounds from China, especially off of Silk Road or another similar service, you are in deep shit unless you have really covered your tracks well. There is currently a cooperative operation between the PRC, USA, EU, and UK governments/law enforcement agencies that has been ongoing for more than two years to track buyers of these compounds. I don;t know what the ultimate outcome of this particular operation will be, but if, as you said, you have some sort of ” science ” background, then you could risk losingyour livelihood, if not your freedom. The tide in the war on drugs is about to turn very dark and will probably stay that way for a time until it inevitably gets better. Sanity will prevail, but it will take awhile, and many people will suffer in the meantime. Be safe, be smart.

  6. Compliments. I like reading and think that the website is a great initiative!

  7. Love your blog dude, reports are written well and the scientific information is really valuable. Keep up the good work 🙂

  8. You might be interested in contributing/colaborating towards psychonautwiki.org , I like your breakdowns!

  9. Dear novelpsychss, I see that you have a password protected article on 3f-Phenmetrazine and I would really need to understand its binding profile (pharmacodynamic) and its elimination (Metabolism) and therefore it’s potentials for damage before it’s too late. I have a feeling this is a toxic drug and I am not sure how to minimise the harm it may cause.

    I would be grateful if you could please support me through sharing any information that you have on the above points and minimising harm at high doses and ideal abstinence method with use of proposed Pharmacological intervention and type of psychiatric treatment you would suggest to be likely to be most helpful.

    I appreciate any information you can provide to me in confidence.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


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