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NENK is a dissociative drug in the arylcyclohexamine class. SAR extrapolation suggests that it should be very similar to ketamine with an extended duration and increased potency as a result of the higher lipophilicity and enzyme resistance caused by the N-ethyl group. Given the two hour duration of ketamine, this modification was welcomed by ketamine users and the release was preceded by much hype.

The structure of NENK


Like the releases of many hyped NPSs though, it was met with much disappointment. Not only were the duration and potency worse than those of ketamine, it caused nosebleeds and had poorly comparable effects to boot. It is thought that retailers were all stocking from the same source laboratory, so initial speculation focused on the possibility of a low quality product, but when independent NMR spectra were released it appeared that it was indeed the real deal, with good apparent purity too, although it is possible that there is a very similar but inactive contaminant or that the NMR spectra are fake.

The nature of the poor reports involved an inherently low intensity, nasal burning, nosebleeds and a general lack of “warmth” experienced with ketamine. As a result of this I had not intended to try NENK, but after I performed an acetone wash on some for a colleague, he offered that I try it and I felt it might be worth seeing if the wash had made any difference.

The logic behind the acetone wash was that the synthesis might have produced an analogous impurity to the one which the DEA established could be produced in the synthesis of methoxetamine, but it is a good technique generally for possibly impure substances.

Dose (acetone washed): 45 mg

Duration: 1 Hour, Insufflated

Description: An impotent and generally unimpressive dissociative which is frankly not worth bothering with.

My Experience

The acetone wash was qualitative, with ~ 200 – 400 mg NENK placed in ~ 5 mls of acetone and heated. The acetone was discarded and the remaining 160mg of solid collected and dried. Solubility in the acetone did not seem good.

I initially insufflated approximately 15 mg up one nostril to gauge the intensity of the nasal discomfort and confirmed that even at this level, it was quite unpleasant. Within five minutes I suspected I could feel something and within ten minutes there was a distinct dissociative not. I decided to go for the whole experience so I insufflated some water as recommended by a member and then insufflated 26 mg of NENK between both nostrils. Again, the burn was unpleasant and significantly worse than other drugs in the class.

The dissociation I felt following this was not quite in line with the extra 170% dose but it was fairly pleasant nonetheless, perhaps comparable in intensity to about 15 mg of MXE. I have no low dose experience with ketamine to compare but it was significantly less intense than my lowest dose of 60 mg. I remained very functional the entire time and I would not have necessarily known it would lead to dissociation if I had never tried a dissociative before.

The effects began to wane after about 30 minutes and gave way to a “dissociative fuzz” about an hour later. I have experienced this before the day after large doses of other dissociatives but I would not have expected it from such a low-intensity experience. This remained until I slept 4 hours later, fading perhaps only by half. My nose was distinctly blocked and sniffly for the rest of the evening.

The next morning I awoke to find a considerable amount of dried blood in my nose, and again the next day. I used 2-FMA on this second day and went cycling at t+8 hours. About 20 minutes in I developed a pretty severe nosebleed which forced me to stop and then slowly cycle home. What’s interesting about this is that it was almost entirely in the nostril which I took the first line through, when it had not been moistened. Regardless of moisture there was also twice as much taken in this nostril. It is therefore possible that the damage is partly mechanical, although I am very skeptical of this. given the ease of moistening one’s nose before use I would say this is an essential practice.

I would absolutely not use NENK again, the mild effects and pathetic duration are not even slightly worth the nasal damage. It also appears to be more expensive than ketamine, giving it no recreational potential and frankly, almost none for a research chemical enthusiast either.



3-MeO-PCP is a dissociative drug in the arylcyclohexamine class. As the name suggests, it is related to PCP by the addition of a methoxy group. It is of similar potency, with doses in the 10mg region, but is more dissociative with less activity as a DRI. With a little luck, this will lead to less stimulation and mania, and therefore less  of the crazy feats the PCP is infamous for.

The structure of 3-MeO-PCP


The first mentions of 3-MeO-PCP seem to have come around mid 2009 with a few reports scattered around. Interest seemed to be piqued again as MXE gained popularity, but its rise has been stunted deliberately by responsible vendors ensuring it is not easily accessed. Given the accidents we are already seeing with other popular, potent drugs, this seems sensible.

It is supposed to be approximately 5x more potent than MXE. I think this is a good assessment, although higher doses are less impairing which can make it seem more like 3x potency. As someone who finds 30mg of MXE pretty ideal, I would say I most enjoy about 6mg of 3-MeO-PCP.

Dose: 8-10mg

Duration: 7-8 Hours, Oral

Description: A potent yet remarkably lucid and functional dissociative, similar in feeling to methoxetamine. A little less mad and barely sleep-depriving compared to MXE’s slight ability to ward off sleep.

My Experiences

I quite enjoy potent drugs as there is less material to taste and they tend to be overlooked somewhat by those who don’t have the correct equipment to deal with them. I also quite enjoy methoxetamine, and given that this was described as a clearer, more recreational version of this I was excited to try it.

Upsettingly, there was little information available about the exact durations and doses , even by comparison to other drugs. I saw one comment suggesting that potency was about 5 x that of methoxetamine, but had also seen many reports suggesting that it was actually lower than this.  Ignoring the comparison to MXE I decided to go for 3mg as a starter.

I knew this would be a very low dose, even sublingually. I dissolved it and quickly noticed a pleasant numbness, considerably stronger that that of MXE. The effects appeared slowly and reached a ceiling pretty quickly. there was a minor dissociative headspace but little more to speak of. Comfortable that I knew where the bar was set, I decided to try 10mg in the next trial.

I held the 10mg under my tongue for just under hour, with the numbness similar to pins and needles where the solution sat. This faded by about the 45 minute mark.

The effects came on quite quickly, with a pleasant headspace and mood lift being noticeable fairly quickly. As the intensity rose I found myself really enjoying music. It seemed less distorted than with MXE, although when it was off I noticed my hearing seemed muffled slightly, to a similar extent of that caused by MXE.

I found the effects to continue building well after I swallowed the sublingual solution, suggesting it is poorly absorbed in this way. After swallowing the plateau appeared to come after approximately one hour. It lasted for a solid 2 hours, until I ate dinner, at which point I felt the effects began to wane very smoothly and gradually. At t+6h there were still unmistakeable effects, but they were much reduced, to a point where I felt capable as if I were sober. I was tired, and upon going to bed I found that I had no problem getting to sleep.

The whole experience seemed to be very clear and lucid. Although I felt fairly dissociated, I was easily able to snap in and out while typing, and the amnesic and visual fog which I get on others did not seem to be so present. There were also many of the introspective thoughts about my life, society and the future which I associate with MXE. I have always found these thoughts to be akin to the stereotypical ones expected but not obtained from classical psychedelics.

The similarities to ketamine are few and far between, with much less cognitive inhibition, sedation and ataxia by comparison.

Overall, very enjoyable, and certainly one I will repeat. I do not think its effects are worthy of a 10x price increase over MXE though.