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LSD is a classic and well known psychedelic drug known to be well tolerated physiologically by almost all users. Until recently very few analogues existed due to the relative difficulty of synthesising the lysergic acid backbone but in recent years constant scheduling of lower-hanging fruit has forced innovation in the novel psychoactive substance industry and a number of lysergamides have emerged as a result.

1-Acetyl-LSD (ALD-52) is somewhat notorious for its sale as “Orange Sunshine Acid” in California in the 1960s but has remained mysterious due to the theory that it might degrade to LSD combined with the slightly increased synthetic complexity putting off would-be chemists.

Despite being used to convict the manufacturers, the scientific principle behind this theory is incredibly unstable, with the acetyl group being used in laboratories around the world as a protecting group for indoles like LSD. Once attached, the group is resistant to removal except in extremely acidic or basic pH.

As a result of this rarity ALD-52 has never been confirmed as being sold and its activity has remained shrouded in mystery in recent times, with most assuming it to act as a pro-drug for LSD.

Despite this uncertainty and lack of sales the propionyl homologue has recently appeared on the market. This compound has not been reported on in any literature and is entirely unknown but given its similarity to LSD and ALD-52 the SAR reliably suggests an extremely similar effect profile.



Qualitative discussion:

Despite the prevailing theory about 1P-LSD, it appears not to be an LSD pro-drug. It has both a shorter duration and an extremely close potency, two things which are rarely associated with a pro-drug, especially in combination.

The dose appeared to come on slightly slower than that of LSD but quickly built to full intensity following this. The subjective effects were very similar to those of LSD, perhaps with a slightly more disorientating come-up. The differences become evident around the five hour mark, where a distinct lessening of effects is evident. From here there is a gentle descent to sobriety over approximately 3-4 hours, giving a total duration of approximately 8-10 hours.

Pleasingly there appears to be little incidence of “body load”, unlike that seen with LSZ, whose duration is comparable. Despite the strong experience I had with this compound I found it easy to cope, more so than I would expect from LSZ. This makes it a preferable alternative for situations where introspection or spiritual experiences might not be appropriate.

According to Reagent Tests UK 1P-LSD gives a light purple reaction to the ehrlich reagent.

Dosage: 90-190ug orally (swallowed)

Duration: 8-10 hours

Description: A potent psychedelic which is difficult to distinguish from its popular analogue.


Setting – close friend’s house with 3 friends for NYE party. Friends are vaporising DOC and plan to roll later in the evening.
Set – I recently ended a long term relationship and it is playing on my mind
Tolerance to this class of substances: 0/10 I have not tripped in several months.

1740: 166ug briefly chewed and swallowed on an empty stomach.

1800: I feel like something could be happening already
1810: Two housemates who do not use drugs come in before leaving and I’m able to make conversation pretty easily, though there is a lot of paraphernalia on the table and I am pleased to occupy myself with the mixing deck.
1820: The housemates leave and my friends comment that it was awkward as I believed.
1840: while trying to mix tracks I realise I am increasingly high
1850: I worry this might be too much! I take a break from DJing as I am not able to properly operate the system

1918: the level is actually really good as the comeup appears to be smoothing out
1923: Trembling quite a bit from a rocketship comeup. I am struggling to advise my friends on their taking of DOC
1934: Some gas/stomach discomfort – I am a little concerned that I may vomit
1941: I check my phone and put it in flight mode, realising I am way too high to effectively communicate with the outside world, even my closest friends who were not able to attend.
1946: I eat some porridge and a banana which settles my stomach, surprisingly
1950: I lay on the sofa for a bit enjoying my friend’s DJing and the visuals but am aware that this is higher than I wanted to be in this situation

2003: solid +++ now, strong visuals
2015: My friends try to get me to weigh their MDMA replacement for them and advise them on how much to take but my short term memory is terrible and I am really pretty useless, but somehow manage to get sensible doses into them.
2030: I decide the decks are a pleasant and familiar distraction and return to them.
2057: I am tripping very hard now but managing to make acceptable noises from the decks – though mostly just mixing tracks end to end.

2128: My friends’ roll mix is kicking in now but I’m not very good at making conversation

2233: Still a solid +++ and still playing on the decks

2300: certainly less high now than i was earlier

0023: MUCH more competent now, mixing is enjoyable again

0100: The two housemates return and one is a little boisterous. We manage to make conversation and keep them entertained before they retire to bed. I am pleased with my ability to cope but I am still distracting myself with the decks.
0147: Obviously on the way down now

0223: Very uncomfortable gas. very manageable level of tripping though.

0300: I am really hungry so I eat a family bag of crisps, a banana and quite a few peanuts.
0314: 15mg ketamine
0330: My gas has mostly passed, thank goodness

0430: I stop mixing and we put on some mixed sets from youtube
0449: Pretty much down now, I think it is only the ketamine that is noticeable.

0500: 5mg MXE

0620: After a little deliberation I take 0.5mg etizolam and go to bed. I fall asleep very rapidly and wake up at 1300 feeling fairly tired.


Though the dose was too high for me in this setting I would repeat it in a heartbeat if I was alone and am keen to take a smaller dose with friends in the future. I would certainly stagger my doses over 15 minutes next time.
I think this will be a big seller as it has a very pleasant effects profile, is quite gentle and has minimal side effects/physical effects.

I expect this to rapidly gain popularity and be subsequently banned, a great shame considering the likely safety profile of this compared to other novel substances which have emerged in the last 5 years.


Lysergic Acid Dimethylazetidide (LSZ)


The lysergamides are perhaps the most famous of the synthetic psychedelic drugs, with LSD being the gold standard of the class. Though potent and legal analogues have been known for decades, the complexity of the synthesis seems to have ensured that only a minuscule number of humans have been able to sample them.

LSZ was originally investigated as a “constrained conformation” analogue of LSD, where the diethylamide moiety has been locked into the active conformation for binding to receptors. In vitro assays indicated it was more potent than LSD itself, one of a tiny fraction of compounds able to make this claim. While this does not appear to hold up in humans, LSZ is still a highly potent psychedelic which is strongly reminiscent of LSD.

Chemical structure of LSZ


Its similar qualities may allow it to be passed off as LSD but it is likely that it has a similar safety profile and the “limited edition” nature of the compound makes it unlikely that most would bother to sell it as anything other than LSZ. It is certainly the rarest compound I’ve had the pleasure of sampling which is great but means that there is barely any existing information about the compound available.

Dosage: 150-300ug orally (swallowed)

Duration: 7-9 hours

Description: A classic psychedelic unsurprisingly reminiscent of its popular analogue.


I was fortunate enough to see the analytical data for the compound and have every confidence that it is indeed LSZ. The blotters were officially laid with the structure on one side and “LSZ” on the other. They were completely tasteless.

The trip was very pleasant without too much in the way of challenging thoughts. It did seem to become a little more introspective towards the latter half but this was not unwelcome. The ease in keeping composure around the public, on the phone and even with people who were somewhat anti-drug is indicative of the relatively low intensity of the experience and as a fairly experienced tripper I would certainly go for 200ug next time, especially with a better setting.

The trip was comparable to 13 mg 2C-E, 700ug 25I NBOMe (nasal), or about 1.3 “hits” of LSD. The subjective effects were certainly most reminiscent of LSD and I’d wholeheartedly recommend LSZ to anyone interested in trying a shorter, more consistently dosed or less legally risky version of LSD. There was some stomach discomfort that I didn’t get on LSD but this would not put me off.

I would say the comeup was approx 45-60 mins to the first real alert, 3h to peak and the total duration perhaps 8h plus afterglow. With a higher dose it may reveal itself to be longer and come up a little faster as there were points at the beginning and end where I could not have said whether the subtle effects were a result of the LSZ or just placebo/afterglow.

Trip Report:

I had been keen to try LSZ for a while so managed to make time for it on a sunny day one weekend. Since there was little information available I was content with a relatively low dose (150ug), as much to understand the drug as to simply enjoy the experience. My girlfriend and I had her flat to ourselves until much later in the day and were mentally as well prepared as we might hope to have been. She took AL-LAD because she did not like the idea of taking such a novel substance.

We dosed late in the morning as I needed to catch a train that evening and within about 45 minutes I felt the first real alerts. After 1h15 I was unmistakeably hit by the experience and a sudden craving for some good music. I was sad to find her subwoofer was still broken and cursed myself for having left all my trip toys at my house but remained quite content to listen to music through the speakers she had. I did not find the music appreciation was as enhanced as with LSD itself but this may have been a function of the low dose.

Around the 2h mark I developed a mild stomach discomfort and ate a sandwich to fill myself and attempt to settle this. Though not really hungry I did enjoy the meal and the discomfort subsided in the following hour while we slowly gathered ourselves to find a nice spot in some fields a short walk away. I spoke to my girlfriend’s sister on the phone as my girlfriend did not want to and managed to to so with no problem at all. She did not suspect I was tripping until I said so towards the end of the conversation. We left the flat and walked down the high street, perfectly able to engage ourselves in normal conversation to keep from laughing.

We arrived at the fields to find they were boarded off to be developed into housing. Somewhat disappointed we walked a short way to an isolated churchyard and settled there. We stayed for about 4 hours chatting, listening to music and generally mucking about and having fun in the bright sun. The visual effects were pretty mild but textures were distorted as ever and it was occasionally possible to see fractal patterns in the grass or the sun coming through the trees.

Approximately 6.5 hours after dosing we returned to the flat where both my girlfriend’s sisters were. They were considerate of our fragile mental state but when their much more anti-drug boyfriends arrived to take them both out to dinner I was able to converse quite easily. After they left (t+7.5h) my girlfriend and I went to a nearby shop and bumped into some friends I’d rather not have. The experience was awkward and quietly played on my mind for the rest of the evening.

After eating the microwave meals we’d bought I felt nothing that couldn’t be put down to afterglow and easily got my train at t+11.5h. I slept fine a few hours later, though having gotten to bed late I was a little tired and irritable the next day.



2,5-Dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine (DOC) is long-lived, potent psychedelic which was discovered by Alexander Shulgin in the late 20th century. It has enjoyed a constant but low level of popularity although its high potency (3 mg dose) has meant it can generally only be handled in blotter form and as a result is sometimes dangerously misrepresented as LSD. As a psychedelic amphetamine it is regarded to be a stimulating psychedelic and is alleged to have an easygoing headspace and moderate visuals.

DOC structure


Although it has been around for a long time, there are few reports of any other ROA than oral, which surprised me given the marathon duration. I suspected that a shorter ROA would make the comeup shorter than the normal 2 hours and might make the total duration more manageable too. There were absolutely no reports of this but considering that vaporising the 2C-x series is very effective, I saw no reason it would not work for the closely related DOx series.

Dose: 1-5mg oral, 0.8-2.4 mg vaporised

Duration: 12-24 hours oral, 10-14 hours vaporised.

Description: A potent stimulating psychedelic with a very long comeup and long overall duration.


I spent the trip split between cycling and relaxing at home. I had plenty of energy for cycling and good focus without distractions, but never felt pushily energetic while relaxing. Music was certainly enhanced and the synaesthetic CEVs that came with it were wonderful. The trip was not very visual and very easy to handle so I suspect the dose could easily be pushed a little, although it certainly broke a mild +++ at the peak. I can see why it is popular as a party drug and if the duration was shorter I think it would enjoy much more popularity.

Vaporising provided a near-instant comeup, bypassed the stomach, gave excellent intensity control and did not burn. If the dose was well measured I would have every confidence vaporising over 20 minutes max ang gauging the intensity as I vaped to find a comfortable level, with the measured dosage providing a safety net. Unlike with vaporised 2C-xs the plateau was very nice and long which did not leave me with a desire to repeatedly redose. 2C-B has a 20 minute plateau vaped which makes it of little enjoyment as an ROA.


I weighed out 1.2 mg of  DOC and placed it into my bulb vape, heating using a small candle. It quickly melted and began to vaporise without burning. The vapour was easy to inhale, even in “large” hits and the first alerts were present within a couple of minutes. I take a couple of good hits and the second comes with a psychedelic “rush” which takes me off-guard. I instantly wonder if I have overdone it and the nausea which I was suffering before plays on my mind.

I lie down and as the nausea subsides I notice I have slight tracers and music sounds good. I am trembling a little which does not surprise me. After a shower the physical sensations subside a little and I feel comfortable that I am not far above a ++ and would like some more. I finish the contents of the vape without any rushes this time. There is some jaw clenching and the visuals are a bit more distinct. Although the nausea does not return I feel physically uncomfortable again and lie down.

As I do so and close my eyes I begin to have synaesthetic visuals which flow perfectly with the music. They are beautiful but sadly not that intense. The visuals throughout the trip are pretty mild but can be brought out with focus. The time dilation is very significant but I am quite able to deal with it.

After about 45 minutes the uncomfortable sensations are gone and although not hungry I eat a banana. I then decide I’d like to go for a cycle so after a little deliberation about having to encounter other people I kit up and go. As I come to cross the main road I wait for what feels like quite a while. I notice the cars have minor tracers, making them appear like tron light-cycles and chuckle to myself. I feel quite able to cycle as soon as I get going and thoroughly enjoy meandering around a mix of mildly busy roads and totally empty country ones. When I stop of my own accord in country roads I feel incredibly peaceful but I really dislike stopping at traffic lights.

A friend comes round and we play call of duty for a while. I’m not as good as normal but still put up a good fight. After he leaves I have a balloon of nirtous. It is enjoyable as ever but I do not remember much of it and it just leaves me wanting more as always. I force a toasted sandwich which is actually pretty nice and I eat the other half about half an hour later. I appear to have come down considerably as I feel like I could much better handle speaking to others now.

I do another balloon and find the same results as before. I decide they would be better sipped slowly and find I am right as the balloon brings back a bit of intensity without being very shortlived.

I spend the rest of the evening chatting online and browsing the internet. 12 hours after the second dose I can still feel something but it’s not clear what. I certainly feel like I have come down almost completely. This feeling persists for 3 hours until I decide I have to try to sleep. I lie in bed and find myself falling asleep very quickly, even though there is music on and I have no sleep aids. I switch the music off and fall asleep near instantly. I awake the next morning after 9 hours and feel absolutely fine.

Overall a lovely experience which could have been easily enjoyed at a higher intensity. I felt about the same from t+12h onwards so probably could have slept from then. I never felt excessively stimulated but I imagine my body was well exercised from a 20 km cycle.



The NBOMe series is much newer to the world of science than many of the substances I’ve written about, which were often discovered decades ago and only recently revived by those looking to sell them. They were discovered in 2003 by Ralf Heim at the Freie Universität Berlin and consist of an o-methoxybenzyl moiety added to the amine of the psychedelic phenthylamines.

This relatively simple modification increases the potency of many in the 2C-X series by an order of magnitude, having activity in the microgram range. Perhaps fortunately, useful in preventing accidental ingestion, they are orally inactive because of the vulnerability of the N-benzyl bond to metabolism in the liver.

Structure of 25I-NBOMe


Although the oral inactivity limits its ability to be misrepresented as LSD, this does seem to be occurring and it is worth noting that, as a phenthylamine, it is unlikely to have the same safety profile as LSD at higher doses. Already there are anecdotal reports of vasoconstriction, possible fatalities and my own research resulted in light-headedness and ataxia.

Dosage: 0.5 – 1mg nasally. 800-1.5mg buccally.

Duration: 8 hours

Description: A powerfully visual psychedelic with relatively less of the psychedelic headspace. This makes for a drug with good popular appeal.


I found this to have quite a dissociative note. When typing I felt much as I do after ample amounts of MXE and when I later went for a cycle, at one one point I thoroughly enjoyed chuckling to myself at the idea that I was a head being cycled along by an autonomous  body acting without the need for instruction.

The visuals are very intense, OEVs plaster everything with beautiful fractals and tracers are quite intense. It is no wonder that 25I has a reputation for being quite visual.

The short comeup following nasal administration makes it quite suitable for staggered dosing, in my opinion. This would make it much easier to gauge the dose to give a pleasant, more gradual comeup and a more controlled plateau.

The headspace is very clear compared to others of the same intensity, and I feel like it was much more manageable and less introspective, especially considering the high dose. I agree with the assertion that this makes it quite suitable as a more recreational psychedelic.

Trip Report:

I decided to dose this in a rather hurried manner as the evening was approaching and I intended to sleep on time. Without properly refreshing my memory about the dosage I prepared a solution of 2 mg/ml in 40% ethanol and used a dropping bottle to measure 1.3mg. I used a flame to evaporate the ethanol and insufflated the liquid.

Within a few minutes I felt the alerts and within 5 minutes there were clear visual distortions. I knew that I was in for an intense journey and suddenly clicked that I had taken a dose more suited to sublingual administration, and these were considerably higher than nasal due to swallowing.

Within 15 minutes visuals covered everything, and upon getting up to use the bathroom I found myself light-headed and slightly ataxic. I was somewhat disconcerted by the catapault comeup, concerned that I would be unfunctional for 6 hours with intensity rising for two and thought I might have miscalculated the dose somewhat more severely than the mix-up I had already noticed.

I was concerned for my wellbeing but in no state to act, so I put on some music and retired to my bed. The visuals were incredibly intense and there was a noticeable tension and bodyload in my legs, further worrying me, When I was able to escape my worries and challenging thoughts the music was absolutely glorious and the euphoria strong. At one point, following the drop in a song I felt every sensation accompanying a climax, except ejaculation and made a mental note that I should not use GHB to get to sleep later in case the euphoria was “too much”!

Upon next looking at the clock I realised an hour had gone by and the physical maladies had almost completely subsided. Reassured by my still being alive and the fact that the intensity did not seem to be increasing any more my mood lifted immediately. The rest of the trip was enjoyed thoroughly as any over, with the visuals merrily plastering everything they could and the tracers surprisingly intense.

Overall I would be very keen to use 25I again, although without a doubt at a lower dose. Perhaps 1.1mg alone or 0.8mg when tripping with others.


1,3,5-Trimethoxyamphetamine or TMA-6 is psychedelic amphetamine. It is most closely related to mescaline, found in peyote, but has an alpha-methyl increasing potency and duration and a rearrangement of the methoxy groups on the ring.

TMA-6 Structure

It is a long-lived psychedelic with a duration between 12 and 16 hours taken orally, according to Shulgin. This is as expected due to the metabolic blockade provided by the ring substitutions and the a-methyl group. The oral dose is supposedly between 30 and 60 mg. Vaporised doses are typically 50-75% lower.

I returned one balmy afternoon to find a had some spare time and decided to attempt vaporising it. Vaporising allows superb dose control because of its fast onset, so you can easily decide when you have reached an acceptable level of intensity. It also offers a reduction in duration compared to oral of between /3 and 1/4. Substances with a longer duration are typically reduced less.

It is a beige-yellow solid. I had previously attempted and a/b extraction but this failed to remove the discolouration. there is a faint but pleasant essential oil type smell to it, perhaps from the alkene or aldehyde. the melting point is quoted as being high and this is corroborated by the fact that it takes a while to begin evaporating and burns slightly.

I loaded 26mg of the freebase into the vaporiser dissolved in 40% ethanol. I vape everything over about 20 minutes, noting that the larger breaths are quite unpleasant. I reach perhaps a 3/10, and although music sounds better there is no mood lift and no other strong effects. I load another 7mg and after trying for a bit decide I don’t really like it and wish I hadn’t bothered. My vision is almost cloudy, in a hard to describe manner.

I decide to re-read what Shulgin had to say on the matter. Upon remembering his experiences were high positive I am reassured that mine can be the same and I begin to enter a new frame full of cheer – the ever present importance of set and setting!

I move into some mild nausea which is not helped by eating, moving or being still. It is quite mild and easily ignored as I enjoy listening to music and going about my afternoon it fades to nothing within a few hours.

I have a think about where I am after about 2 hours and decide that I was probably more like a 4 before and am only now at a 3. The experience remains very pleasant, winding down very slowly. After 9 hours I am still around 2/10 and decide to have some weed to sleep. This brings on mild but colourful visuals and I am soon able to sleep.

Overall the experience was very pleasant and I am very keen to go again when I have the time for a 12 hour trip. Highly recommended.