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3-Fluorophenmetrazine (3-FPM)


3-Fluorophenmetrazine is a novel stimulant based on phenmetrazine. It has been sold publicly since October 2014.

3-Fluorophenmetrazine (3-FPM)

Structure of 3-FPM.


Despite being a popular abusable prescription drug until the mid 1970s phenmetrazine (referred to as PM herein) has never been sold publicly on modern black markets and as a result no reports have ever been submitted to Erowid. Perhaps more surprising given the fast-moving nature of the novel substance market is that no other analogues of phenmetrazine have been seen and 3-FPM was not publicly sold until October 2014.

From what information can be gathered about the parent compound it appears that the addition of fluorine has minimally changed the original compound. 3-FPM appears to be a similarly functional stimulant with a similar dosage range.

The duration does appear to be increased slightly and there is suggestion that protracted (“binge”) dosing can keep sleep at bay for considerably longer than would otherwise be expected. This is not surprising given that a possible metabolite would be 3F-ephedrine and the resistance to metabolism conferred by fluorine would cause both this and 3-FPM to hang around longer. In addition to this, and not unusually for a functional stimulant, there appears to be a “ceiling effect” whereby after a certain level the desirable effects are not significantly increased by taking more, but the desire to redose and negative side effects are strengthened.

Given that phenmetrazine is a releasing agent and 3-FPM is so closely related it is very reasonable to assume that its action is exerted as a dopamine/norepinephrine releasing agent (NDRA).

Of course, the modification to the structure does allow 3-FPM to evade legislation and it is currently not specifically scheduled in most countries, meaning it is essentially legal to possess in many jurisdictions.

From a single low dose the headspace is quite clear with little feeling of being “high”, though the physical side effects are easily noticeable at medium doses and above.

Dose: 30-60 mg (oral) (insufflation is extremely painful)

Duration: 5-7 Hours (oral, single dose)


14:16 – 36mg orally
14:39 – I do feel slightly sped up.
15:10 – pretty mild though
15:19 – certainly a pleasant mood lift
16:21 – A subtle but pleasant headspace change exists. Equivalent to perhaps 20mg of 2-FMA
16:45 – Managing a website, I am easily staying focused. Sweating a bit more than normal
17:33 – losing focus more easily now
19:09 – I go to the pub and am marginally more chatty
21:19 – I eat a well sized meal, my appetite doesn’t seem diminished.

Several months later:

15:43 – 36.0 mg oral, light stomach contents
16:37 – Slightly sped up, nothing serious. Nice headspace and slight moodlift. Slight increase in sweating.
17:06 – Feeling reasonably chatty, slightly uplifted
18:13 – The effects are still very mild and not very noticeable but the lethargy I did have is totally gone and I have been productively editing, organising and doing chores. I didn’t get much increased sweatiness this time but have been drinking and urinating more.
19:00 – Still a pleasant noticeable buzz
20:30 – I eat dinner without much issue
22:34 – Not feeling anything now

Conclusion: A fairly average stimulant without many notable features. The unwelcome sleeplessness and diminishing returns at high doses have (happily) limited the popularity of 3-FPM somewhat but it is a viable stimulant for use as a study aid or general productivity enhancer in low doses.


HDMP-28 / Methylnaphthidate


HDMP-28 is a methylphenidate (ritalin, concerta) analogue which replaces the phenyl moiety with a naphthyl moiety.

Methylphenidate and HDMP-28

Methylphenidate and Methylnaphthidate


The modification confers a theoretical increase in SERT affinity, making effects closer to cocaine, and also theoretically gives increased potency over methylphenidate.

Despite being known about in scientific literature for many years, HDMP-28 is unusual in that it did not come to market until 2014. This is in stark contrast to many other known recreational drug analogues which were primarily surrected from the literature between 2010-2013.

The naphthyl moiety has caused some concern with comparisons drawn to naphthalene, but in the same way that we do not compare phenethylamines to benzene these concerns are not valid. The similar duration to methylphenidate offers additional reassurance, suggesting that the primary metabolic route is to the (naphthyl)ritalinic acid; which will be readily excreted.

Reports are still relatively scarce at this point and I struggled to find any which did not involve other drugs or multiple doses.

Dose: 30-60 mg

Duration: 5-7 Hours, Oral


10:14 – HR 67 bpm
10:15 – 34.8mg placed in mouth with water. There is an obvious taste of naphthalene but I press on because the “characteristic odor is detectable at concentrations as low as 0.08 ppm by mass”. Other than this it is not the most bitter of compounds.
10:40 – Maybe I am more focused and maybe there is a mood lift but it is mild and could be placebo
10:44 – Some tingles and definitely a mood lift so it wasn’t placebo
10:56 – Nothing more than that though
11:21 – Noticeably increased focus, a good functional level
11:43 – I am pretty engrossed in playing with my vape making some ejuices
12:03 – My girlfriend comes home. I am still feeling quite productive and chat to her while fixing a mirror
12:53 – I manage to eat a serving of protein shake/oats without issue despite not being hungry
13:25 – We have great sex and I have no problems maintaining an erection though do last longer than normal
14:00 – I feel very serene lying in bed with her
14:16 – We chat for a bit longer and she leaves to visit her mother. I still feel nicely stimulated, perhaps more noticeably than when she arrived.
14:35 – HR ~80bpm
14:43 – Not sure if I’m higher or just starting to feel a bit uncomfortable from coming down
15:11 – Certainly more noticeable headspace than earlier. Still not sure if it’s an enjoyable one.
15:22 – Not very good at deciding if I’m hot or cold
15:52 – Intensity of sensations have lessened
16:24 – Certainly on the way down now
17:19 – Have been thoroughly engrossed in design work for a new project, probably sober now. No comedown noticeable.

Conclusion: At this dose it is a mild stimulant but there is no hint of the promises made by the available pharmacological data. It certainly appears less potent than methylphenidate, a good 66% less. Additionally the serotonergic affinity seems unchanged at best, with no signs of real recreational potential. Certainly the lack of comedown warrants experimentation at higher doses, and the increased duration makes it miles better than ethylphenidate, but I won’t be expecting greatness from this one.



Desoxypipradrol (2-DPMP) is long-lived, potent stimulant which was released in the wake of the UK cathinone ban as a possible substitute for the banned substances. It quickly grew a fearsome reputation as an incredibly long lived stimulant with little to no euphoria and not much recreational potential at all. It also emerged as the ingredient in “Ivory Wave” which caused a number of psychotic hospitalisations, presumably as a result of people chasing the euphoria.


Unsurprisingly it quickly fell to the sidelines, although it was not forgotten, with the UK government banning import in December 2011. It was finally scheduled as a class B drug in May 2012.

The effects are very subtle at any dose worth trying, and useful but horribly drawn out at doses above this. In my opinion it has no recreational value. Interestingly for a DRI I did not notice a comedown.

Dose: 4mg orally

Duration: 16-72 hours

Description: A potent functional stimulant with a gruelling duration and long come-up.

My Experiences

Due to the low dose I made up a volumetric solution into 5 mg blotters and ate one. I experienced nothing the entire day and slept fine.

The next day I figured that I would still have some of yesterday’s dose and if I had the same again they would stack to a threshold dose. I dosed early again and felt nothing until about 10pm. I noticed I had some jaw tension which built over the following hours. I was not tired and did not bother trying to sleep for 2 hours past my normal time. I tried in vain until about 4am, when I dosed enough GBL to knock myself out until 8am. That day my focus was excellent, but my heart rate was up 20 BPM and I could feel it beating when I was sat quietly.

I was quite tired the next night, but still needed GBL to get any sleep. This portion was slightly fun, but that was no fault of the DPMP.

My heart rate was still high on this, the fourth day after dose 1, but my focus was normal. By the time night came I was able to sleep naturally and my BPM was normal again.

I tried 2-DPMP a few more times, but never once found it to be useful without also disrupting my sleep. Even when vaporised it cause problems. I do not think I would bother with it again. The come-up and duration are too long and it is too unpredictable.


Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone has been around for a while but has made a recent resurgence as chinese labs churn out anything they think people will buy.

The long alpha chain increases potency through lipophilicity in pyrovalerones and α-PVP is no different. The dose is 10-20mg intranasal with things starting to get a bit intense above this.

As a pyrovalerone/prolintane derivative it is likely that α-PVP is an NDRI, which is consistent with its effects.

Overall I enjoyed using the drug but the crash was unpleasant and the sweet-spot is low due to the side-effects and crash being much more pronounced with redosing and higher doses. There is little euphoria to speak of and I suspect chasing it will end badly.

The first time I used it, I did so a little too much a little too late in the day. I turned to GBL to get to sleep 4 hours after the last dose and 4mls over an hour did not result in a sound slumber. Usually 3mls will have me out cold so I suspect there is strong, lingering NE activity.

Dose: 10-20mg followed by 10mg bumps. There are plenty of side effects which mean the sweet spot for a-PVP is relatively low.

The duration appears to be in the region of 3-5 hours depending on the dose.

Positive Effects:

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Sociability
  • Increased sex drive
  • Mood lift
  • Increased music appreciation.
  • Nose-unblocking

Neutral effects

  • Minor pupil dilation
  • Urge to chew.
  • Slight mental cloudiness. Much less prominent than with other cathinones.
  • Membrane numbness

Negative effects

  • Sweating
  • Medium urge to redose
  • Unpleasant crash
  • Sleeplessness
  • Heart rate increase (67 went up to 80)
  • Minor vasoconstriction
  • Difficulty achieving erection.
  • Anxiety

α-PVP is illegal in the UK but unscheduled in the US.

Edit: I have revisited this now sometime later. In keeping with my comments about the low sweet spot I actually think that the recommended dose falls rather lower, and the recommendation should be more like 5-12mg. It is noticeably active below this too. 

As a compound it is frustrating because the side effects are unmanageable at high doses, which indicates that it is better to use at low, “functional” doses. Unfortunately, as with many cathinones it is a cloudy, slightly impairing high which means that it’s not particularly well suited to functional purposes either. I imagine it would be fine for basic tasks like cleaning or as an aphrodisiac but otherwise I don’t think I’d recommend it.